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Living Simple To Be Mobile & Work Remotely in DIY Tiny House.

Gary & Kahla met while hiking the PCT and moved into this awesome DIY tiny home. Being that they live out of backpacks from time to time, they realized that one really doesn't need that much stuff to adventure and be happy.

We met hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and after that we decided to move in when we came down to Durango. I had done a ton of hiking before the PCT just knew I didn't need that much so it was a

pretty easy decision. In copper was totally on board so we went for it I was ready to start my freelance graphic design career and I knew this was going to help me do that and I could travel

wherever I wanted to go and that timing-wise worked out so well I decided to leave the company. I was with in Boulder and stayed on with them on a contract basis and then just kind of developed my own company which is canvas design studio and that has been incredible living out of the tiny house.

I built the house about two years ago with my parents help I'm from Lancaster Pennsylvania I moved home and pretty much said hey guys what do you think about this project.My dad's an architect and my mom love to redo houses for fun.

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