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Looking for a quaint tiny home to escape to for a weekend getaway?


Vacations used to be all about luxury. The ideal travel scenario was staying in an extravagant hotel, with sprawling grounds and top-notch amenities. These days, though, thanks to the rise of homestay sites like Airbnb, many people opt to stay in houses or apartments. More and more travelers are even choosing spaces that are much smaller than they're used to, thanks to the tiny home trend.


Tiny home getaways allow travelers to experience what its like to live the tiny home lifestyle without committing to it full-time.Tiny Home Nestled Under Large Trees near Downtown Asheville give you a Stay close to nature in a rustic getaway perched on the edge of a wooded property. Listen to wildlife at night from Adirondack chairs.

Awaken to birdsong filling the mountain air. Indoors is an ingenious use of space that offers every comfort.The house is in Haw Creek, a charming and quiet neighborhood five minutes from Downtown Asheville. It's close to trails that access the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. The Biltmore House, Asheville Mall and other attractions are nearby.

Click the Link For Rent it $65 per / night.

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