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Lovely Off-Grid Convert Van For Full Time Living with coolest feature the pull-out deck.

This incredible van conversion allows this adventurous couple to live and work full time on the road as they travel and explore Australia! Demi and Eli spent 8 months converting an old van into a remarkable tiny house on wheels which gives them all the comforts of home while they explore.

This off-the-grid van is designed to provide the couple with everything they need while traveling. A solar panel on the roof gives them ample electricity to charge devices, as well as run a fridge, lights and a water pump inside the van.

Storage is really important, and this pair have found clever ways of tucking things away in all corners. They have a large fridge, and under the seat is plenty of storage for food. They have built in storage cupboards all over the van and under the bed is room for even more items.

Perhaps one of the van’s coolest features, is the pull-out deck, which gives the couple additional living space, while also providing a useable platform for cooking. Also in the rear of the van is a gas califont, so the couple can even have hot showers providing they ave a suitable water source.

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