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Lovely Off-Grid Tiny House with Dual Bed Design & Garage Door Window.

We love the idea of putting low impact, off-grid tiny homes like this on conservation land so that people can have access to wild spaces and spend some time reconnecting with the natural world. The Mica cabin is off-grid with 4 solar panels, 3 batteries, and a backup generator. The solar power system runs the furnace fan, the lights, the composting toilet fan, USB outlets, etc. For hot water, cooking, and heat, there are 2 x 100 lb propane tanks.

The cabin has an indoor Separett urine diversion toilet. The urine drains into a french drain buried outside the cabin, and the solids are composted in a self contained composter until they are ready to be safely spread on the land. There is a greywater filtration pit for sink and shower water.

The water is drawn from the lake and has a small storage tank outside the cabin that is always kept topped up. What we really loved about this tiny house is that the bed was on the main floor. We've visited so many tiny houses with lofts but rarely see one like this that eliminates the need for a ladder if you don't want to sleep up top. It does take up extra space on the main floor but the convenience is not to be underestimated!

Check out Cabinscape's beautiful off-grid cabin rentals in Eastern Ontario here:

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