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Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & making his own fuel using a biodigester, growing toilet paper.


In addition to living in his tiny home, he's figuring out how to create his own cooking fuel using a biodigester, he's growing his own toilet paper, and he even makes his own sea salt. He built the tiny house in the backyard of someone who was looking to live more sustainably.


In exchange for a place to build the home, he created a rainwater collection system, an extensive garden on the front lawn, a bio digester and composting system, and more. Obviously, we can't all live like Rob is doing in this video (although it does look like a healthy, simple, and rewarding lifestyle), but we can get inspired to make positive changes in our own lives.

Maybe start composting or eating more fresh food, creating less garbage, riding our bikes more, etc.


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