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Minimal Tiny House With Industrial Modern Flare| One Unit SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME.

LoneStar Stay is thrilled to release it's most recent newly renovated shipping container home!This brand new tiny home boasts of comfort and style. With an industrial modern theme, you will find yourself inspired by the decor and relaxed by the touches of luxury throughout the home. This newly renovated 350 sq ft shipping container sits tucked away behind our main house and is surrounded by a small urban farm.

This is actually a kind of container home community there's three container homes here so that's pretty cool. I think this would be a great area if you have lots of people you can rent all three of

them and they're all pretty close together so you can all hang out and enjoy each other and the nice Texas Sun. I consider this container home more of a minimalistic container so if that is more of your thing if you're thinking about building one with just one unit I think this is a great example.

They kept the original metal doors of the container on this home but they just left them open I

think that looks great and I love the deck they added in the front with the chairs and they added this wooden wall over here to kind of secluded you from everything behind you and it just looks

really nice and it's really intimate in this front area it's a great area to enjoy your morning coffee.

Inside it is a typical layout for a single container unit home, into the front living room area as a couch and a TV pretty standard typically the kitchen and the dining area come next which is what happens here you got your whole kitchen area on this left side you got the open shelves

up on top which add that industrial vibe that this home advertises as you got all your nice dishes up here on display very nice and high.

Whether you are traveling for business or coming for a weekend escape, we invite you to share in our country-side peace and quiet while also being able to experience so many city-wide conveniences nearby. Airbnb

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