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Mom Built a Tiny House for her 2 Babies & Great Dane.

Over the past few years, their family has grown exponentially - and I'm not just talking about Denver gaining 140 pounds! Macy and James have welcomed daughter, Hazel, and their newborn son, Miles, into the tiny house, but not before adding on an additional living space. Originally the house had an attached covered patio, but they recently enclosed the space to create a shared bedroom for their children. In this tour, Macy tells us about living in a tiny house with children and speaks about plans for the future. Hazel (18 months) gives us a tour of her new bedroom, which she will one day share with her brother. At the time of filming this tour, Macy was nine months pregnant. Her son, Miles, was since born on October 1st, 2015. Today the "Mini Motives" tiny house is 232 square feet and accommodates two adults, two babies and a great dane!

So tell us about the size of your tiny house.

So originally my tiny house is about 196 square feet, just recently added on and it is now 232. 232 square feet.

So what's the length and the width?

The heel on a flat bed, you know, a flatbed gooseneck trailer. Um, so the flatbed part is 24 foot and then it's got a five foot dovetail. So the full length is 29 feet cause I built out over the dovetail. Um, and then I went the full eight and a half foot wide. So it's pretty big.

You have quite a few people living in here, right.

Hazel. My partner, James, myself. And soon to be this little munchkin, hopefully in a couple of weeks. And are you expecting a boy or a girl? Boy. Boy. This time.

How big is the Great Dane?

He's a two year old, 150 pound Great Dane

The time I want kids might overlap at the time I'm going to live in the tiny house. So I wanted the flexibility for the future. So it was always a two year experiment. And quite honestly, I thought it would be difficult to make it two years, you know. Um, but I, I set myself up. I took one year's worth of rent payments, built this house, and then I lived in it for two years so it pays itself back and then

some, and uh, we're at two and a half years now that we're living in it. But, um, with this addition,

we're going to try to get another three or four years out of it. James and I are both in architecture, so kind of our passion is, you know, alternative construction. Um, and so we've got plans on this lot that we're on to build a shipping container house next, which is cool. It'll still be pretty small, but it's, it's definitely up-sized. She's going to grow out of this Eventually. They're going to want a little more.

Macy Miller's Tiny House website -

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