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Most Beautiful 27 m² Tiny House Design.

The Wohlwagen Model L

Popular as the main residence for one person with numerous distribution options, we have been supplying the L to many countries and remote areas for 10 years. It has proven itself at 1100 m in the Alps as well as on different seas and in different climates. On 28 m² there is space for a bathroom with shower or tub, kitchen small to large, wardrobe, desk with shelf, storage space or folding bed, shoe cabinet, cloakroom, stove, also rotatable or kitchen stove, washing machine ...

Feel-good room ...

Internal dimensions:About 8.92 x 2.21 m (L x W) on the floor.

Heights: 2.14 m kitchen and sleeping area, 2.45 m in the center, 2.05 m in the bay opening, 1.99 m on the bay wall due to the roof pitch.

External dimensions:Approx. 10.20 x 4.70 x 3.40 m (L x W x H) with the bay window extended.

Terrace:Below the entrance approx.3.45 x 1.55 m.

Price: € 74,319 = $81.603

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