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Off-Grid Bus Conversion Life with 5 Pets (two rabbits, two cats, and a senior dog)

We are Adam and Rachel and we live in a school bus name Luna. Really what made us push towards living more of a tiny minimalistic lifestyle in general was just trying to simplify life.

I've ran a home theater installation business for the last nine years. Five years into it I finally realized that it just was a job that wasn't fulfilling me as much anymore.


The answer of well how do we do something different? You change your bills and you change your lifestyle and that's really where bus life came in. I think we've discovered bus life, tiny life together.

I don't remember exactly when it happened but I think we just both decided it was probably what was best for us. It was going to be chapter two of our life together.


We finally landed on a bus just because we were able to combine the house and the vehicle all in one. We have four now, five I guess animals we are choosing this life. They aren't and so it was really important to us to build a space that they would also be comfortable in and that's why we ended up with carpet and we have a cat tree. They're coming along on this ride with us and we want to make sure they're as comfortable as possible and that they can also live their best bus life.


The whole build process on the bus took 11 months from start to finish, my initial plan was to have it done in six months. Oh, it did take us twice as long to do it. It's a bus. You're dealing with curved roofs, nothing's square, you're having to custom make everything. It was a massive process to try and figure out everything, but I think by planning with what the animals needed first and then fitting

ourselves in after the fact was really why we came up with the floor plan that we did to overall spend about $30,000 on our entire house.


I don't know of anywhere that you can spend 30 grand and get your whole house and something to move it with. I think my favorite part of bus life is all the different things that we're able to see.

There are so many places in this country that we would never probably have been able to go visit as easily as we are able to with the bus. Park wherever you want, travel, wherever you want, you get sick of a certain area. You just pick up and move home is where you parked in.



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