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Off-Grid Van Life w/ Bathroom & Solar, Life on the Road!

Professional Photographer downsizes to a self-converted Sprinter van dwelling so that he can live and work anywhere. Since converting to #vanlife, Lear his shifted his photography to support his love for the outdoors and recreational activities.

Hey guys my name is Lear we're here in beautiful Sedona Arizona and I'm super excited to show you guys my van yacht. Prior to the van I was living in Phoenix Arizona I was doing what I do now which is freelance photography but I wasn't necessarily satisfied with the type of work that I was shooting it didn't feel truly authentic to me so the van has really allowed me to kind of spend more time outdoors shoot more of the stuff.

That really fulfills me and work with brands that kind of align with that better I've had the van now for exactly two years and I've been living in it full-time about 18 months.I got the brand new one 74 by force printer which I actually got a really great deal on and paid 53,000 for when you talk about upgrades to the actual van itself suspension wheels and tires the roof rack lights things like that is probably gonna be like another five to seven thousand and then the interior build-out itself I think I have roughly about eight or nine into.

Big motivation behind going with a sprinter or a van in general and building it out myself was really for my bike storage my toys every spike since.I was six years old everything from BMX bikes to motocross to mountain bikes and mountain bikes are pretty much my biggest passion along with photography going from races to races.I would always see people with vans they'd have all their bikes in them and all their weekends set up living in a van has basically allowed me to wake up in my destinations which saves time it saves money it saves gas I found that for my work and for my passions.

I was basically traveling from home to a location for a weekend packing everything up at home driving out there unpacking doing the event packing everything back up driving back home and living in the van has basically allowed me to do it all in one so I really think for me it was more living out of the van and not living in the van.

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