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Olympic Athlete bring her dream to life Build Beautiful Tiny Home.


This dynamic young couple are used to working hard and bringing their dreams to life, one of those dreams was to construct their own tiny house on wheels. Eve and Chris decided to make the move to Raglan, New Zealand for a better quality of life, but the rental market didn’t make that easy - so the couple decided to get creative and put their skills to the test to build a tiny home.


Chris has a furniture making business and is no stranger to tools and timber, which is evident from the homes clever design and great finishes. The couple spent a lot of time searching for cheap materials for the home which helped to greatly reduce the cost of the build and make the tiny house truly an affordable option.

Eve is very used to big projects and to dedicating herself to a task. Representing New Zealand as an Olympic Athlete in rowing.


She fell into depression after the olympics and used the tiny house as a project to set her mind to accomplishing a goal and helping to move into a more positive space. Together, this couple have created a wonderful home. Enjoy the full tour of this very special tiny house.

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