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Parents Downsize to School Bus Home w/ 3 Kids + Mobile Salon.

Hey guys welcome to our home I'm Adam Wegman and I'm Joni Wegman.

So before bus left we had a six acre homestead with a small hobby farm with chickens and goats and a large garden so that was our lifestyle prior to bus life and only a couple businesses.

To all those things and having children consume our life with homeschooling and whatnot we had several things happen that made us look for a different lifestyle. For one we were a little tired of Minnesota winters so we wanted to get out of there in the wintertime and that led us to

looking into our beads or trailers or whatnot and we just couldn't find anything that would fit our needs.

We knew whatever we buy who we'd end up gutting it and renovating it making it our own anyway, joning did a Facebook post and just asked you know what should we do and someone said why don't you look at an old school bus she bought a one-way ticket to go look at a bus, I'd never seen before to buy a bus I'd never driven before and knowing nothing about it.

Total start to finish time to build the bus with 7 months I had some work I was doing but then I kind of stopped working and then just solely worked on the bus during that time we had moved out of a rental into another property we were selling things so it wasn't just full-time on the bus.

There's a lot of other things happening with moving our house selling everything from our home to selling everything from our business at the same time we did 90% of the work ourselves and we think we have including our bus about 30,000 into our bus filled for a place to live and have anything.

I think it turned out great this homeless change our lifestyle significantly significantly for one, we're with our children 24 hours a day seven days a week we are educating them we get to see them learn how to read we get to teach them math we get to see their eyes light up when they learn something new that piece of it and being in close quarters with them we have a tight-knit family now and isn't that what you truly want is you want to have a loving family.

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