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Raised Roof School Bus Conversion to Tiny House & DIY Elevator Bed.


Jeremy & Krista decided throwing away money on rent in The Bay Area wasn't for them. So, after a random internet search, they went down the skoolie rabbit hole. While they admit this life not be for them forever, they will enjoy it while they can and their kids are young.


Krista the Saracen RJ are in Gori California and this is they school Lea that they built so they live in the Bay Area and with that comes a lot of expensive housing situation and they just really wanted more for they family and didn't want all they money to be going towards nothing with rent. So they were looking into different living situations and she was on Craigslist one day and someone had posted a bus about how they wanted to convert it into a school E and that was kind of like the black hole of that whole world of that and she sent Jeremy a picture and I was like hey you want to live in a bus.



So in less than a week they decided to do this lifestyle and it's been crazy but it works for they family. Enjoy VIDEO Tour

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