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Renovated RV is their Beautiful Tiny House + Cystic Fibrosis.

We're the Remingtons and this is our tiny house. Caleb and I actually grew up 15 minutes away from each other, but met out here in California through a mutual friend.

Caleb has a condition called cystic fibrosis. CF is a genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system.

Diagnosed when I was one told I was only gonna live till 19 when I turned 19 the life expectancy went up to 29 and then when I turned 29 it's up to 37 so kind of just live this life of having this disease for him to kind of come into my life and bring this new energy in light.It changed my life for the better.

So long story short, fell in love,got engaged in Hawaii and then decided to put on the greatest wedding ever donated,which is a charity gala and benefit concert hosted in place of our wedding.

Our tiny home is about 300 square feet and we've been living in it for just over a year now.

We bought it for $20,000 we put about 10,000 into it and we just started ripping everything out.

This place kind of felt claustrophobic and that was goal number one was to open it up and give it more space. After that.That's when Tiff really got to flex her creative design brain and really bring

this place to life and make it feel like home.

We had like no idea how to do tiny living or how to use really a hammer and any kind of tool and we're like, wow, yeah, we'll figure it out. Our kind of bigger goal is to be able to move into a container home. We're obsessed with them and we're starting to get that same feeling that we did

when we were looking at motor homes and all that stuff.

So I feel like that's something that could definitely be a reality for us in the next, um, three to five years. So living tiny and moving into a space that is less than 300 square feet has definitely brought its challenges. But if anything,it's brought us closer together.

It's made us learn how to communicate better with one another. While there is lack of privacy,

there is more of an opportunity for intimacy in a way that you don't have, like when you're in a big space. If anything, it's allowed us to grow individually, which helps us grow together as a couple.

We love this lifestyle and I think it's definitely showed us a whole new way of life.

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