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Retired police officer follow his dream of converting a VAN in Lord Of The Rings.

This amazing Lord of the Rings inspired van conversion is sure to impress! After his divorce, retired police officer turned wood-carver Glen wanted to do something different and follow his dream of converting a van into a wonderful tiny home on wheels.

“It was from my fantasy within loving Lord of the Ring style things I love to carve and so I decided to create something totally unusual as I was going to be living in it I wanted it

to be amazing and I wanted to feel good every minute that I'm in there.”

“I came to be living in the van mainly because my partner and I went our separate ways we're still friends we still got on really well and it was very amicable and I had to make a decision

and that decision was do I buy another house do I rent somewhere. I want to see my kids I want to see my family still however in my heart of hearts I knew if I'd bought another place a flat or whatever I think I know I would have regretted it because, I would always have

in the back of my mind I wish I'd done that now I wish I'd made the van now and so that helped me make that decision to live in a van and to build it to how, I wanted it and so I put my heart and soul into that area straight away.”

As an artist, Glen makes beautiful wooden carvings and his skill is evident throughout this build where his art has turned his van into a whimsical home. The style of the van is heavily influenced by the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and the van has even been named Radagast, after the brown wizard.

The entire van was done as a DIY project, where Glen has poured his heart and soul into constructing a home which is every bit as funtional as it is beautiful. This van has absolutely everything that he needs including plenty of space for entertaining, a comfortable king sized bed, a kitchen, bathroom and a cozy wood fire to complete the picture.

Glen’s van / tiny house is now parked up in the middle of a 4 acre woodland block which Glen has purchased and where his van now allows him to live as custodian of the woods.

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