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Retired Professional Mime Living In An Off-The-Grid House Boat for 20 Years.


Mark has lived a very unusual life. As a professional mime and clown he has travelled the world as a performing artist and brought smiles to the faces of thousands. Now, he has retired and is living in a spectacular house boat on an island in New Zealand which brings a smile to his face each and every day.


Mark’s house boat, named the Gypsy Rose, is completely off the grid and generates it’s own electricity through solar power, while also capturing rain water which is stored in a large tank on the shore. He has a shower on his boat, but uses a composting toilet on the shore.

The location of his home affords him a truly wonderful lifestyle. When it’s time to get in the water, Mark is able to jump straight into his kayak which is tied up to the deck of his floating home and enjoy the surrounding ocean.


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