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Sanctuary Treehouse Cabin With Insane Views! Full Tour

This marvelous treehouse is located in Asheville North Carolina a beautiful place to visit if you've never been.There's mountains everywhere and luckily for this treehouse it is on a mountain in the view is amazing this treehouse is located in the perfect spot for a very nice getaway.

This treehouse is like 20 or 25 feet off the ground and it is super cool it's hung in two trees and then are the staircase to get up to the treehouse but just looking at the outside you can see that the craftsmanship and the detail and the design of this was really thought out there's just textures and different colors all around from the wood and to the lighting and to just the shape of the home.

This home is just an eye magnet you have to look at it it's beautiful no matter where you look at it ,if you like to take photos this place is definitely a great place to take photos for your Instagram or whatever there's nothing about this home that's not beautiful from the outside especially in the summer when the sun is shining and the trees have all the leaves.

This treehouse is located on Airbnb.

Send to a friend you want to stay here with! Enjoy Full Video Tour

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