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She designed her own Tiny Home at 19 Yr Old's and moved into it straight after college.

Most of the stories involve people downsizing into a Tiny House to gain financial freedom, but not Haley. Instead, she designed her own Tiny Home at 19 and moved into it straight after college. She now lives tiny in Southern California, with the confidence that she will always have a home she can afford.

I'm Haley, we're in Simi Valley, California and this is my house, the tiny I've always loved like small spaces and just having everything I need in one area. Just thinking about all the energy and resources that go into maintaining these large homes, like it's so frustrating for me. I think our generation respects the experience rather than the things in our lives.

So you automatically just cut out all the extra stuff that you don't need to worry about and then you can focus on experiences and what is really important to you. So I designed the house when I was 19 and it costs around $50,000 a lot of people thought it was crazy though. People were like, do you like it? Is it different? Just because it's small doesn't mean it's like feels small. I'm renting a piece of land in Simi Valley.

I'm parked up on a Hill. It was one of the most difficult processes to move it up here because it's a very steep Hill and it's very windy, but it's so worth it because the view is insane. I think my favorite part about this house is that it's like very me, you know, like this is my space and then I can invite people into it and like kind of inspire people. One of my mom's friends like started building a tiny house after he saw this, which was really nice.

I'm excited to see like where this takes me in the future cause I think it is setting me up for more financial independence and I have like the ability to not be in this constant state of anxiety because I have this.


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