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She Lives OFF THE GRID In Her CUSTOM Moroccan Styled Tiny Home.

Bethany built her tiny home on wheels to allow her to live simply and pursue her passion projects. Being that she doesn't have the typical expenses of a larger home, it allows her to work from home. It's obvious this tiny home was built with every detail accounted for and it certainly shows.

I love having people over I love creating ambiance that sort of thing really opens people up in you it really almost dictates the type of conversations that you have the more comfortable that you feel and objects also move us in that direction.

I have been saving all the stuff all these little things and they all have stories creativity is really just about connecting dots and the more dots you have to connect the more expanse of your ideas can be all of them come from different places different experiences, so having them around me constantly it reminds me that that there's so much opportunity and that my life has been so beautiful and I'm really looking forward to creating even more beauty in my life and I want other people to feel that when they come see me and spend time in here and I think that, I think you can feel that here.

Hi I'm Bethany and this is my tiny home in designing this tiny home I was originally really excited for it to blend into its environment but I didn't have the location before I designed the tiny home so I had to kind of design it with the dream location in mind, the exterior is all cedar with a light pecan stain and the plants are really important to me because it also makes me feel like I'm just nestled in the forest you know even though I'm nestled in a mountain um you could see there's a roof deck on half of the home and then the other half are four solar panels so the home is almost entirely

off-grid it's perfect for a stargazing guest room so I'm getting there I'm here in the in the serenity quite often alone which is beautiful.

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