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Single Mother by Choice & Two Young Children Live In Gorgeous Tiny Home.

Tracy, Jack and Anda have lived in their tiny home for over 3 years. They live in a tiny home community lovingly called "Tiny Town" with 10 other tinies in Durango, CO. They're situated in the mountains only a few minutes walking distance from town. Jack plays hockey across the street and Anda enjoys playing with the other children in their neighborhood. When Tracy moved the kids from Thailand 6 years ago, she was nervous about being able to provide for them. With the tiny house, she's not only been able to provide, but thrive and all 3 of them can't imagine living any other way.

We're here in Durango Colorado living in our tiny house right downtown we've been here I think three and a half years but times kind of passing by and I'm not keeping track anymore we call.

This the Red Mountain it was built by Rocky Mountain tiny houses here in Durango Colorado and we call it the Red Mountain because it has three peaks just like the old Red Mountain Pass the old barn wood and the rusted out iron we kind of think of it as our in town mining check.

So I'm a single mom and in the life of a single mom I support my family on my own I am a bookkeeper a landscaper I take care of some Airbnb. I clean them I host to my property maintain them I substitute teach pretty much do anything that allows me to be a mom first do a lot of work out of my house and keep my own hours so that I'm always available to my kids I've never had childcare I don't think I've ever even had a babysitter before my life.

For over a decade I lived in Thailand and met their father there and had a couple babies and when my son got to be school-aged I felt like ,we need to come back to the states and try to get him in school and activities and give him some more opportunity in life.

I grew up here in Durango my parents are still here my brothers are still here and I kind of figured the only place on this earth or I should say in the US that I could come back to at 45 years old and having a penny to my name was Durango we lived on my brothers trout farm we spent good like six months in his yurt on the side of the hill which was actually a bigger space than this but it was very primitive.

We didn't have any amenities then we came back to town living my parents got crazy with the parents and so we went back to the farm and we lived in a office space that was really similar to this it was just one long room above a greenhouse the winter hit and it was too cold to stay there so we came back to town moved in with my parents again and I think to myself this is just not gonna work we're not gonna survive this I love my family but you just really can't come back and move into their life when you've been absent so long.

So I thought for so long I looked at rentals I looked at land I thought about yurts I thought about leaving going back to Thailand where actually do have a home and then I started looking into tiny houses when we moved in here it was so so wonderful to finally have my own space in Durango we're right in the town right on the river there's a beautiful island my son plays hockey across the street they go to school mile down yeah it's starting up perfect.I think that try it tiny living isn't just a young people or young couple kind of living you know can accommodate families and family lifestyles and you know keep life affordable get to have fun in life and that's because the tiny houses.

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