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Hi, I’m Amanda & I am a full-time solo female traveler, bartender, artist, influencer & creator. I've traveled to 37 states, 6 countries, and have lived in over 20 dwellings.Five years ago I got rushed into emergency surgery to save my life & when I woke up life was completely different for me. Two months after my 21st birthday, the abs I had worked so hard on was replaced by over 20 staples down my abdominals. Learning to walk again took months and not being able to finish the semester at WVU was rough.

The age I anticipated so hard on hitting, was shattered when my doctor told me to never drink again. Everyone tried to put me in a bubble because I just couldn't stop getting sick after surgery being around all the germs in college. I took this as an opportunity. I just witnessed for myself how easily life can be taken from you, and I knew my chances just got progressively higher after surgery. I knew that working a 9-5 and only having a few times a year to travel would not be enough for me.

I believed there was a better way to live life so you can actually enjoy the beautiful things that makes life so unique. So I finished my degree in Forensic Science with a minor in Sociology at WVU, I paid off my hefty unfair amount of student debt while bartending & running a bar in NYC, and I saved up for my really big, yet tiny move.

It's been long overdue that I finally show you the final tour of Crystal 2.0 my 2nd DIY tiny home on wheels. Crystal is a 2018 Ford Transit HF 148'' wheelbase. I got her in Sep 2018 and moved in immediately on a cot with bins of clothes. I spent 18 days with the help of my friend Wess Lewis building everything except solar and plumbing before hitting the road to continue my travels.

During my travels I met up with Phil and he re-did my layout from the kitchen back and helped me with storage options, my roof top deck, solar, and plumbing. I consider Crystal 2.0 a collaborative piece of moving art. She's been lucky enough to have some very special and talented people help in the creation of her. I am so grateful for the way she turned out and the memories I have building her while also traveling and making memories of my own.

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