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Special floating Tiny Home build on pontoons.


For those of us who live in the city I think we can all empathize with that feeling when life is just a little bit too much and there's that pull to escape everything and go into the country that is exactly what this next family has done and with a lot of style by building a special floating home.


When this family grew tired of life in the city, they decided to sell up and start a new life together in the country, purchasing land in rural New Zealand and building the ultimate city escape, a tiny floating cabin which was constructed on pontoons.

The cabin is completely off the grid, with a construction similar to a house boat, but more with the aesthetic of a cabin on land.


Originally, this tiny house / cabin was meant to be a home for the family, who are currently living a large, safari style off-the-grid tent on their land, but they decided to start renting it out to help generate some extra income to help them develop their land further.

The cabin is floating on a spring fed dam on the property ,which provides a picturesque setting for this beautiful tiny home.

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