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Stunning Shed Converted to Tiny House sustainable Walkthrough inside & out.

Mariryan and Heather are adventure-seeking, earth-loving triathletes that have taken their passion for life and designed a world around it. Next to a magical garden sits an industrial-sized composting system to ensure everything they grow and eat gets used to nurish the food they're growing! The plants are surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, with the Surf Shack as a centerpiece.

The interior of this compact tiny home has a functional layout designed to suit a solo traveler or close couple. The Herringbone countertop is eye-catching and complements the other woodwork throughout the house. A loft holds the bed and sits just above the main lounge area, with a couch, a small bar, and plenty of natural lighting. There's a micro bath with a narrow shower and Nature's Head composting toilet. Everything is just the right size for a cozy surf shack!

This 96 sq ft tiny house is not only adorable but sustainable. All the sheets, linens, quilts, pillows and even the twin sleeper sofa is organic, fair trade. This artistic bungalow sits on the backside of our property where you have full use of the heated pool.

Plenty of squirrel and bird watching (even owls) in this backyard oasis. Use the two beach cruisers to head to the beach just 2 miles away or a 3 min walk to our dock on the inter coastal for evening sunsets!

Cozy tiny house in a backyard oasis. All items are NEW. The loft is a full size bed with organic bedding. There is a twin sleeper sofa on the ground level. The kitchen is equipped with a Coffee maker and fresh grounds for you. There is an induction cooktop, with two pans and a pot. A retro microwave, water purifier, plates and utensils. 32" smart tv and strong wifi.

There is a mini retro fridge as well. The "shathroom" (bath and shower) has a rain shower head for pure relaxation and a natures head composting toilet to keep to the sustainable theme! The pool is also the hot tub as it can get to 93 degrees, you just let us know if you want it that hot! Bc it’s in our backyard we consider it shared but when you’re here it’s your private pool.

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Nov 30, 2022

Where are this house how much they cost ?

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