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Stunning Small House Made From Hemp.


This beautiful small family home has a very special story to tell. Designed by architect Michael Leung and his wife Tiffany for their young family, the 60m2 (646ft2) house is actually constructed from hemp. The couple chose to use hempcrete for their home after searching for healthy, non-toxic building materials. 


When mixed with lime and water, hemp forms hempcrete, a wonder building material. Hempcrete is completely non-toxic and creates an incredibly high performance building. It’s a super insulator, has amazing acoustic properties and helps to perfectly regulate moisture content within a building.

After loosing her father to mesothelioma (a cancer caused through exposure to asbestos) Tiffany was inspired to study building biology to learn more about creating healthy, non-toxic homes, that were not only healthy for people to live in, but also for those who are constructing them.


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