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Stunning Tiny House with frameless glass determines the feeling of space.

Amazing Wohlwagen Multi Combines 4 Modules to Create Absolutely Stunning HouseTwo halves offer 44 m², with another 66 m², and with four modules 88 m² living space as a home for eg a family with two children. With chassis the multi is feasible, however, drawn on the ground, or existing buildings standing. Without wheels, a mobile crane lifts each module from the standard truck to its place. Outside and inside, the round design with the slightly inclined, frameless glass front significantly determines the feeling of space.

Feel-good room ...

Internal dimensions: About 9,71 x 4,54 m (L x W) on the floor.

Heights:: 2.24 m max. in the working and sleeping area, bathroom and closet. 2.54 m max. in the living and kitchen area.On request also floor in a level with 2.54 m max. throughout the car.

External dimensions: Approximately 10.25 x 5.01 x 3.06 m (L x W x H) plus terrace with 2.50 m.

Terrace: Below the entrance approx. 4.55 x 2.50 m.

Price: 128,219€ = 149,875$

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