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Stunning Tiny House with green roof which is the best integrated into a natural environment!

La Bohème and its green roof are best integrated into a natural environment! Its architecture recalls the shape of a small traditional house while incorporating a good dose of modernity thanks to its large window with small wood and its bright porch.

You enter the tiny house through the kitchen. The interior is then divided into several spaces.

The bathroom is on the right. It is equipped with dry toilets with stainless steel bucket and chip compartment, storage and a shower of 80x80 cm. The equipped kitchen extends with a high table that can seat 3-4 people without problem for a meal.

A custom-made wooden canopy suggests the living room just behind. A sofa bed also allows once deployed to accommodate two more people for the night. Finally, the bedroom is located upstairs and includes a 140x190cm bed and a storage unit. It is accessed by a ladder which is stored along the library on the ground floor when it is not in use.

La Bohème was delivered to Vendée. This little house is Grégory's main residence.

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