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Stunning Tiny House with unhooked Roof.

The tiny house Escapade has a modern design that will delight fans of refined architecture. The unhooked roof, with its four consecutive windows, brings a large dose of light inside. The three openings in the front elevation, meanwhile, offer a panoramic view of the garden and its surroundings. The floor area (including the floor) of this model is 17.2 m2.

The interior space is divided into several rooms. The bathroom and toilet are located at the back, while the lounge area is accessible from the entrance. The fitted kitchen incorporates a cabinet with multiple storage spaces that will act as a staircase to easily reach the first floor. Upstairs, a double box spring bed (140x190) can accommodate the resident (s) for the night. The layout is neat and includes the essentials for a single person or a couple.

A porch at the entrance will allow visitors not to wait in the rain when they knock on the door. Finally, a trunk is located above the boom of the trailer. It can contain various equipment when moving around the house (extension cord, water hose, etc.).

The Escapade was delivered to Toulouse. This little house is Gaëtan's main residence.

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