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Super Cozy Tiny Home with Skylit Shower & Skylit Loft Bedroom.

 This unit was custom built by CoMak Tiny Homes in PA!  Built on a custom 13'x8' trailer frame, The Mountain towers over the ground below with a height of 13' 6". A shower bump out on the trailer tongue and a front porch overhang on the back bring the building length to 18'.

House Details:

● Steel trailer, re-enforced, new 5k tandem axles

● Lightweight steel and vinyl siding

● Rubber roof

● 9k BTU LG 120v mini-split heat pump

● French doors

● Cedar porch overhang

● Waterproof vinyl flooring

● Vertical shiplap walls

● LED gimbal lights  

● Cedar shower with 3'x3' skylight

● Delta shower hardware

● Girard LP on demand hot water heater

● Nature's head composting toilet, plumbed for standard toilet

● Touchless kitchen sink faucet

● Live edge walnut countertops

● 12' Telescoping ladder

● 4'x4' tempered double panned skylight in loft

●King bed

You’ll find live-edge counter tops, a loft bedroom with giant skylight, and a cedar shower that also has a skylight! It has hook-ups for either a composting or traditional toilet, and a kitchen with built-in fridge and nifty kitty-corner sink. The home is for sale for $35,000 in Pennsylvania, and you can contact the builder with offers or questions here.

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