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Super Spacious Tiny House Made With SIPs US 55.000$


Antje's spectacular tiny house on wheels is modern, spacious and filled with character and charm. Made from SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and off-the-grid ready, there's certainly no compromise here in terms of space, or design.


Although tiny when compared to normal homes, by tiny house standards, Antje’s dwelling is impressively large and spacious. Measuring 3m (10ft) x 8m (26ft) x 4.2m (14ft) the home is a little bit wider than most Tiny Homes in New Zealand, which are usually under 2.5m (8ft) wide to allow for easier transport on the road. The exterior of this home is clad in a mixture of cedar and colour-steel giving the home a warm, yet modern look.

By constructing a house on wheels, Antje has been able to build a beautiful home that is truly her own. The result is a spacious, modern and edgy tiny house which has all the comforts of a larger home.


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