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The Most Beautiful, Stunning, Cabin, Art Studio Loft.

Once upon a time there was an old, dark, four bay garage with nothing in it but a dirt floor, a tractor & a bunch of trash:( One day, a little VT elf started chipping away, turning that garage into the most beautiful cabin & working studio imaginable!

"From the pot belly stove whose warmth filled the kitchen, to the large windows overlooking the farmland; the cozy bedrooms, clawfoot tub and beautiful landscapes out of every window - this place was IT for us. It had charm and space where we could enjoy both the community of friends and family as well as read or nap. The farmhouse had everything we needed and if we had any questions, Ben was able to point us in the right direction.

This house was built by my mom, stepdad (an award winning architect) and has been featured in a number of lifestyle magazines. With a beautiful in-law barn, this house is perfect if you have a big family or a smaller family that just likes to spread out. Inquire if you are looking for the barn rental as well.

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