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The Most Impressive Tiny House I've Ever Seen with Floor storage.

The Noyer was built in close collaboration with a client from California. This house is quite different from our previous projects on many levels, including the roof slope and the bedroom layout. This unit, just like all of our houses, is meant to perform as well in a Californian climate as in a northern climate such as Quebec. The Noyer is intended to be inhabited full-time by a couple or a single person.


The interior of the Noyer really gives the impression of being in a small apartment. Indeed, the layout of the different areas creates a different feeling than in our previous models. Even without separations, the disposition of the elements creates the effect of distinct living areas, looking like a small open-plan dwelling. The general appearance is very warm, due to the different colors used for wood and other materials. As you can see in the pictures, the wood is clearly in the spotlight in this house!


For this construction, we created a blend between a charcoal-colored steel siding and an brown dyed eastern cedar cladding. The different transitions between the two materials make it possible to make them stand out. This combination is a novelty; we worked along with the client to come up with this unique design that perfectly demonstrates how possible it is to give a unique look to a small home. The roof slope differs from our previous tiny homes, giving a dynamic and less linear exterior look, while allowing a better clearance above the head when the occupants are in the bedroom loft.

Living room

The Noyer’s living area is one of the most interesting we’ve designed to date. Indeed, this space is elevated compared to the rest of the house and it is accessed with a removable step. The height difference creates a separation that gives the impression of being in another room.


The bedroom in the Noyer model is definitely a nice innovation. Located in the loft, it is accessed with the storage staircase. There is a Queen size bed with bedside tables on each side. This space is very ergonomic, allowing the occupants to sit comfortably on the bed while having a good clearance over the head.


Located under the bedroom, the bathroom is quite surprising. Like the kitchen, it is compact, but contains all the necessary elements for optimal use. There is a large 32×48 shower with glass doors, a custom vanity, a Separett composting toilet and a 2-in-1 washer-dryer combo.

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