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The perfect example that you do not have to sacrifice any part of your lifestyle to go Tiny.

This completely custom tiny home was designed around a lifestyle of yoga, movement, health and wellness. Key features include an 8x8 open space for yoga in the living room, a micro gym in the back that fits a Peloton bike, office space, full kitchen, luxury bathroom, and a dropped loft allowing to stand full height in the bedroom.

The style of this home was inspired by A-frame cabins and mid-century modern mansions. You can see this influence through the vaulted ceiling, full custom window in the living room, and luxury finishing materials. This home blends walnut, vertical grain fir, custom concrete work and brass finishes.

Their client fell in love with a green velvet couch so they designed the living room around it and put the couch on top of a bank of custom drawers to increase the storage and functionality of the small home.

With an 8x8 open space for yoga — their client teaches yoga remotely so this space will be a gorgeous and serene space for her to teach and live the yoga lifestyle. Office space is integrated into the kitchen area that doubles as an eating nook. It's complete with custom storage in the office space and an integrated light built into the wood feature above.

The kitchen is spacious and open — all storage is brought lower under waist hight to keep the feeling of openness in the home.

Opposite side of the kitchen is a custom walnut hutch under a big window. Just to the side of the front door is an integrated front hall feature for jacket and shoe storage.

In the back of the home is a micro gym surrounded by windows and a walnut coffered ceiling to accommodate standing and riding on the bike. This space truly feels like you are biking surrounded by nature.

The Trahan boasts a spa-like bathroom — flush toilet, custom vanity, full shower, custom concrete floor and shower tiles (Fritz added glass beads to the concrete which lightens the weight significantly), and walnut hex tiles made in house. To top it off, the shower floor is a walnut tile with an epoxy pour over.

The loft is designed to allow enough room for standing in the loft to get dressed and make the bed. "We wanted the usability, efficiency and design of the loft while eliminating the frustration that climbing into and making a bed in a crouched position poses." says Fritz Tiny Homes Co-Founder Heather Fritz. So they created a drop down loft so their client (5'10") can stand comfortably in the loft and have her clothing storage close by.

The exterior consists of steel siding with a fir feature on the nose of the tiny home. From the inside, the exterior fir feature gives the illusion that the custom fir ceiling and flooring on the inside just extend right out of the home. The home is heated by in floor heat and is RV hookup ready!

Exquisite lines and natural wood throughout are complemented by natural light from the massive windows. For some the price tag may be a bit high but for what you get, and the level of customization, this tiny home competes with the best of them.


Starting at: $146,000

Built in: Spruce Grove, AB Canada BY

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