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"The Pod" Inspired by the Tasmanian landscape and danish heritage /430sqft Tiny Cabin.

The pod design was inspired by Scandinavian design and also inspired by the Tasmanian landscape so it's emerging of really simple paired back design and then letting Tasmania do the talking.

The tailored pod is located in Lewisham which is about a 40-minute drive from Hobart it's also a gateway to the east coast beaches, the dunes, and the pine trees is a signature view that is it's almost a one-off in Tasmania.

The pod came in two separate structures which were brought on separate tracks and then when they arrived were joined and as part of that join, there are beautiful skylights that allow the light to filter in between the two separate pods.

The pod is built with a timber frame and bracing it's inspired by a war aircraft which means it's very strong but very light. the exterior of the pod is wrapped in Tasmanian oak and with the big floor-to-ceiling glass at the front so when you get into the pod you pretty much see all of the pod in one hit and that's the beauty of this small living you've got the whole scene playing out before you with the landscape as the backdrop.

The living room with a really intimate cozy feel so the fireplace is the focal point designed and built by a local blacksmith Pete mantilla and he basically created the fireplace with flame in mind and movement. The couch is built by local furniture maker Simon anchor out of hydrawood timber and it literally floats a bit like the pot itself and he's done such a wonderful job in making something that not only looks incredible but feels super comfortable.

On the left of the pod is a great little storage space with a reading nook and you can actually, see mount wellington while he's sitting there.

The sleeping space is that it's so cozy there's a lovely black timber a darker timber around it's elevated and two cute little windows that bring the view, with an electronic skylight so you just hit a button and you can open it so you can feel the cool night air and see the stars at night underneath the bed, there's some great storage as well which is really generous.

The front pod and the back pod are divided by skylights which put a distinct but very natural division between the living space and then the dining space in the back.

The kitchen is small like everything else but it has everything you need it's got the induction cooktops the full-size oven the galley kitchen also has plenty of storage above and below and just enough bench space to do what you need.

The kitchen table has also been built by a local furniture maker who doubles as a police officer he's built this beautiful Tasmanian oak dining table which works really well as extra bench space for the kitchen too.

Separating the bathroom is the only interior door in the whole pod a glass sliding door and once in there, there's a beautiful ceramic basin that's handmade under the foothills of mount wellington it literally floats on top of a patina aged benchtop and with a forest style shower.

you've got a lovely little aspect of a small window that looks out where you can see the dunes and the ocean beyond.

The favorite element of this whole pod is the outdoor bath it's like the hero, the human pine bath is built out of hundreds of tiny pieces that were hand glued and then a robot carved the final product so the outdoor deck has got privacy screens so that people can enjoy the bath in their own private space.

A rare opportunity presents to stay in a home described by Grand Designs Australia TV host Peter Madison as a 'love letter to Tasmania.'

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