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The smallest Tiny House on wheels for sale at 8m and 28.5 square metres of floor space.

To ‘sojourn’ means to rest, abide, dwell or stay. It’s about having a break from the journey, to be refreshed. There is an element of temporariness to it which we feel is captured by the relocatable nature of our homes. You can stop awhile, & move on in your own time, taking your resting place with you. The Häuslein Tiny House Company, located on the east coast of Australia, between Sydney and Brisbane, in Port Macquarie, NSW, is known for its high-end tiny houses. Founded by four friends in 2018, the company aims “for a better, more sustainable way of living in Australia. In fact, the word “Häuslein” means a small dwelling with a big heart and pays tribute to their German heritage and appreciation for German quality engineering.

We build 5 key components into every tiny house including the ‘Little Sojourner’

  • Highest Quality Materials & Workmanship meaning our houses will age well & last for generations.

  • A sense of Beauty & Inspiration in the aesthetics & space created.

  • Clever Design & high level Functionality so that the small space is no hindrance to daily living.

  • Maximum Comfort including space for a real couch & all the mod cons and luxuries you’d like to include in a traditional home.

  • Full Off-Grid Capability for those seeking to reduce their footprint & make their Tiny House fully self-sufficient & sustainable.


STUDENT - A student usually has less to spend but is after plenty of independence. The little Sojourner offers both a more cost effective and more easily transportable living space. * Rated at 3.5 tonne it can be towed by many 4WD vehicles.

FULL TIME HOME - Set up for a high standard of living with all the mod cons, you could live comfortably in the Sojourner full time with the flexibility of relocation when needed. Without the 30 year mortgage.

FAMILY OR GUEST ACCOMMODATION - You may not need the slide-out or size of the original Sojourner. For a simpler, more cost effective ‘granny flat’ type accommodation space, the ‘Little Sojourner’ has everything you need and might do the trick. * If parked behind an existing dwelling, a member of the household is able to live in it full time with no council approval required. See FAQs for more on council related questions.

OFFICE SPACE OR STUDIO - You can simplify the Little Sojourner further (& lower the cost) if you want to use it in an Office or Studio capacity. You may not want or need the full kitchen. Internals can be simplified or removed to create space for work and creativity.

MOBILE HOME - Because this model is smaller, it suits more frequent relocation giving you the option to travel around Australia if you wanted to.


  • Fully transportable and road registerable. Each tiny house is blue slipped and comes with a VIN number

  • Built on a 7.5m x 2.5m durable, galvinised, heavy duty trailer chassis

  • High end Al-Ko axles

  • House Length: 6m

  • House Width: 2.5m

  • Height: 4.3m

  • Weight: 3.5 tonne (towable with many 4WDs for simpler transport)

  • Living Space: 20 square metres


  • Termite resistant timber frames

  • Trimdeck, monument matt finish colourbond cladding

  • Western red cedar feature cladding

  • Durable aluminium windows, toughened glass (smart glass available)

  • Flyscreens on all windows

  • Well insulated with Earth wool & silver sarking (R2+)

  • Internal walls lined with solid pine paneling

  • Aluminium & glass front door with traditional key lock door handle

  • Stunning & durable, solid cypress pine flooring and bench tops

  • Comfortable carpeting upstairs

  • Solid Rhino Ply cupboards in the kitchen & bathroom – no chip board!


  • 2 sided kitchen with generous storage

  • Comfortable breakfast bar & generous bench space

  • Large kitchen sink with high tap & clever in-sink drainer

  • Space for either drawer dishwasher or full size oven

  • 2 burner gas stove

  • Space for full size 300-450L fridge

  • High quality, modern black fixtures

  • LED feature lighting

  • Solid Cypress Pine shelving


  • Traditional flush toilet which can be plumbed straight into existing septic system (composting toilet option available)

  • Full size corner shower, with custom rod & high quality curtain (the reason we haven’t gone for glass is because it creates an extra wall within a small space. Bathroom feels much more open this way & you won’t bump any elbows!)

  • Vanity unit with ceramic basin (Cypress Pine feature basin available)

  • High quality, modern black fixtures

  • High quality extraction fan

  • Shelving for towels

  • Space for full size front loader washing machine or washer/dryer, at comfortable hip-height

  • Generous solid Cypress Pine bench space

  • Wardrobe cupboard (with option for laundry shoot from upstairs bedroom). Includes space for full size washing basket & generous clothes hanging space

  • 4 large drawers for clothes or other bathroom & laundry items


  • Solid Cypress Pine, comfortable climb loft ladder

  • Space for queen size mattress

  • Additional shelving/custom cupboards available


  • Space for comfortable, full-size 3 seater couch or sofa bed

  • Space for large wall mounted TV

  • Solid Cypress Pine bookshelf

  • Space for coffee or multi-purpose table


  • Dux instant gas hot water system

  • Dimmers on main lights for mood lighting, plus LED accent lights

  • Outdoor light to welcome you home

  • Black slimline powerpoints (with USB plugs in the kitchen area)

  • Simple 240v plug in power system, same as a caravan

  • Garden hose fitting to connect tiny house to water supply

  • Smoke & carbon monoxide detector fitted

VIdeo Tour:

Starting price $79,000

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