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This French couple have built their dream minimalist Tiny House.

The tiny house movement in France is still quite young, although it’s quickly becoming a hot spot for tiny houses in Europe as more people seek out options for affordable, alternative living.

Located in an idyllic rural garden on the outskirts of Nantes, France, Celia and Damien’s home may be tiny, but it’s filled with some really big design ideas. Their tiny home is beautifully constructed, with cedar and metal construction on the exterior creating a striking architectural look while the interior has been kept wonderfully open, spacious and minimalist in its design.

This couple's home has absolutely everything, a wonderful open design creates room for a great sized kitchen, office, lounge and bathroom with sleeping loft upstairs. Celia and Damien have also wonderfully future proofed their home, adding a second smaller sleeping area in the loft to ensure they have some room in the tiny house to allow their family to grow.

Their tiny house, designed and constructed by French company Baluchon, is a great example of minimalist architecture. The design is compact, yet on the interior feels expansive and has absolutely everything the couple need. The stunning combination of green metal and cedar help the home to blend wonderfully into its current parking spot, a rural property on the outskirts of Nantes, France.

There’s a large open lounge space, a comfortable kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft which even has a small spare bedroom behind the main loft, a feature which was important to Celia and Damien who wanted the option of having a child and growing their family within the walls of the home.

I hope you enjoy the full video tour of this stunning tiny house.

Check out Celia and Damien on YouTube:

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