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This Tiny House Its on trailer of only 3.3m by 2.3m and still contains all the comfort.

The tiny house Nano is Baluchon's smallest achievement. Its trailer of only 3.3m by 2.3m carries a house that still contains all the comfort. When you pass the front door, you discover a space composed of a small equipped kitchen, a desk / dining table that faces a beautiful bull's-eye.

There is also a comb bench, which when unfolded easily accommodates two people for the night. A third bed, secured by a net, is above and will be perfect for a child. Storage spaces are located at the end of the bench and below. You then access the bathroom via a sliding door. Here are dry toilets and a 70x70cm shower.

Thanks to its low weight (gross weight 1600kg), a simple 7-hour training course called B96 will be enough to tow it on our roads. Remember that for its 3500kg big sisters, the BE permit is necessary.

If the size of this house does not necessarily make it a main habitat, it is however a very comfortable mobile solution for leisure. The tiny house Nano was delivered to Rhône-Alpes. It allows Thierry and his family to have a pied-à-terre for their fishing weekends.

Build from baluchon:

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