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Tiny House Natural-Built with biophilic design elements & Fibonacci curve roofline .


This tiny home has been designed to incorporate elements of biophilic design and natural building to create a home on wheels which is beautiful, natural and healthy to live in, proving that a tiny house can truly be capable of having a big positive impact.


Walker and Heather were inspired to create a home which incorporated their love of nature and passion for living a low-impact lifestyle, and together with builder Ben from Healthy Tiny Homes in Vancouver, they constructed their ideal tiny house which is now situated in their urban back-yard in Portland, Oregon.

Adding to the biophilic design elements, the home also includes some really interesting features, such as a living roof where the roofline has been designed to follow the Fibonacci curve and mimics the design of a leaf.


Adding a living roof to a tiny house is quite an achievement, and Walker admits that it’s a bit of an experiment.

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