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TINY HOUSE that doubles as a yoga studio with aerial hammocks, monkey bars.


A mom and daughter near Austin, TX, mix business with pleasure as they build a tiny home that doubles as a yoga studio. They infuse a lot of Zen into its design with aerial hammocks, monkey bars and yoga mat flooring


In the Yoga Space will be 6 aerial hammock hanging down the length of the trailer. We want a trapdoor to hang on through to optimise the space ,then on the far-right will be our kitchen with a refrigerator for oven and Stove and sink on the other side of the road to the left will be the bathroom shower set up.

We're also going to have a ladder that will double up as a monkey bar for a fitness training classes that will leave you off into the loft space where we will have a Ferdinand extra storage Creative.


To watch the full episode click the photo below :

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