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Tiny House "The Peacock" With Amazing hand-crafted Mexican ceramics & Rooftop Balcony.


Situated amongst the vast beauty of the Mojave Desert, the Peacock tiny house looks right at home. Built by Rob Millar of Old Hippie Design, the house is filled with unique design features including an impressive roof-top balcony!


Inside, the home is styled with a certain south-western flare, including many hand-crafted items from Mexico. The home has a relatively classic tiny house layout, yet still manages to pack in a lot of it’s own character. A table and chairs sits by a large window and again offers stunning desert views as you sit down for a meal.

Upstairs the loft space is comfortable and has been designed to maximise the available space. The exposed rafters not only create a lovely visual feature but allow for additional head-room.


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