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Tiny House with a spectacular skylight and plenty of room to stretch out.

Say hello to The Bison, the newest custom creation by the legendary Modern Tiny Living design team. The Bison features not one, but two king size lofts adjoined by an elevated cat walk. Each loft features a spectacular skylight, allowing for plenty of natural light.

The Bison also features a spectacular wood accent ceiling the brings tons of character and life to the home. As for livability, The Bison has it all. A fully equipped designer kitchen with full oven, range, refrigerator, and huge sink. An L-shaped countertop allows for ease of eating and working.

The spectacular full bath features a full vanity with mirror and medicine cabinet, composting toilet, custom tiled shower, and plenty of room to stretch out. Not only that, but it is pre-plumbed for a stackable washer and dryer.

In the living area, you'll find a honeycomb-tiled accent floor and wall that has been prepped for a wood-burning stove.

Can you imagine how cozy this tiny home's living room will be with a fire? It will be stunning!

We left the remainer of the living area available for the furniture of their choice.


Like all of models, pricing is dependent upon appliances, finishes, customizations, and materials used. This price could be more, or significantly less, depending upon your specific needs, priorities, and desires.

Contact to have a free consultation about how The Bisonmight look for you.


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