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Tiny House with Energy Wheel, Floating Bed & Indoor Climbing Wall


Down in Eastman Quebec are their cabins which is called the zoo box the cabin is 20 by 26 feet and the whole front wall is all glass and a lot of the windows open so you can get some good cross ventilation in there.


The space saving bed is on a pulley system so that it can be stored on the ceiling during the day. The climbing wall and fireman’s pole help you get active indoors, and the energy wheel is hooked up to a dynamo so that you charge the cabin’s batteries as you walk. Finally, the bathtub is in the living room so that bathing can include beautiful views outdoors.

The Zoobox is a fun, innovative and fully off-grid micro cabin with solar power, an energy wheel, well water, a wood stove, and propane for hot water and the heated floor.


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