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Vacation Tiny home in the mountains Expands to the Outdoors & Sleeps 6!


How many of you city dwellers wish that you owned a vacation home in the mountains. But you don't think you can afford it or maintain it well in today's video you're gonna meet one couple who found a solution to that problem.


You see tiny homes are great vacation homes not only are they more affordable but they're especially easy to clean and maintain and hey if you ever decide to change the location of your vacation home. You can do it pretty easily because these homes are on wheels this is exactly what Mark and Mary did when they decided to own and park a tiny house on a piece of land just outside of Washington's Cascade National Park.

Nano doors allowing the outside into their tiny space also this house sleeps six people comfortably.


So Tino is 32 feet long eight and a half feet wide on a trailer three axle with the front toe

the towing capacity on that is sixteen thousand pounds.

The total square footage inside is around 260 square feet they have two sleeping lofts that actually add almost another 100 square feet of livable space on top which is super nice .

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