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VAN Conversion IN TO LUXURY Off-Grid BOX VAN Conversion.


The spaciousness of a box van really opens up the possibility for a more 'home like' living space and not to mention it is much easier to build in a square box than it is a panel van made entirely from curves! They pimped the electrical system with 500W of Solar Panel and 4x 130Amp hr AGM batteries giving a total of 520Amp hrs.


This is a lot and certainly means they have plenty of redundancy considering they do not have a huge amount to power in the van. I liked the entry through the cab - it takes away some of the issues with adding a big side door and the layout complications this creates.

Despite the heavy construction materials - large oak work-tops and double thickness kitchen unit walls etc.. the end result is very nice and you can see if and when they build another next van they will remedy these relatively small issues.


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