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Very useful item for your Bathroom and your Kitchen

Bathroom & Kitchen Accessories Sets Wall Sealing Tape Waterproof.

For a bathroom as easy to clean it is a very good idea that you can put yourself in.

Can also be used as a decorative one that can change the look of your entire bathroom.

simply follow the instructions:

1. Self-adhesive Stickers,with high quality of pigment, high density image, traditional European style, emulate in high grade

2. Apply to wall decoration, floor decoration, glasses decoration, decorations of skirting line and waistline.

3. Add a water sheild in the surface layer of the product, has the function to prevent 

    water and moist, then use duster cloth to clean dirty

4. Redecorate and upgrade your space by applying in a variety of patterns, styles and colors.

5. Mix and match the different designs to create a unique atmosphere.

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