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While everyone has Sprinter fever, she is out there making the best of a totally cool vintage Van.

Audrey she's a perfect example of someone that found a vintage RV renovated it into,

what she wanted it to be and it's full-time on the road right now she does have a side business where she does leather.

My name is Aubrey I live in my 1985 Toyota Dolphin full-time as of a couple months ago and it's been interesting. I actually found the rig I was looking for Vance I was wanting to like live in a van and kind of do the stealth thing for a while, and then found this on Craigslist.

My pops convinced me that I should just go check it out so I did even though I was like a little out of my price range more than I thought I wanted I just wanted a crappy van just to like live in for a bit, but I went and I met this lady on Craigslist and she was freaking


She's like this tough-as-nails old lady who would just take this and her dog and they'd go out into the forest and go find rivers and fish fly fish all the time. I was like whoo this girl's rad like I just kind of want to keep her legacy going she didn't want to get rid of the dolphin but her bad or her back was going kind of bad so she sold it to me for a cheaper she's like yeah… I didn't want to sell it for that cheap but you're pretty cool and I kind of want to keep the legacy going too.


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Feb 14, 2020

Hey! Thanks for sharing my story, however, please add links to my website & Instagram so people can follow along (and since you are using my original images for your blog.) Much appreciated, adventure on! -Aubrey

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