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Wild Tiny House Adventure by Mother And Daughter


Inspired by the challenge of building and decorating a tiny house, creating a place that was perfectly suited to them and their needs and with a strong desire for a fresh start.

Making the decision to start a new life can be a difficult thing. Selling up your home and possessions, downsizing into a tiny house and driving that tiny house from one side of the country to another to settle in a new province can be incredibly scary, and yet that’s exactly what this inspiring mother and daughter duo did.


Their completed tiny house is an absolute dream. The double loft creates an abundance of space in the home for the duo. There’s a large kitchen, lounge and bathroom space and the entire home is beautifully designed to be light and open.

Once the home was completed, the pair then embarked on the 2000km (1245 mile) journey from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Penticton, British Columbia, crossing the country with the tiny house to find a brand new back-yard in which to park their tiny house and a new playground for their fresh start in life.


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