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Woman's Eclectic 10' Wide Tiny House in small house retirement communities.

Robyn's bohemian extra-wide tiny house is just as delightful as her personality is infectious. This is perfectly fitting since a tiny home should be a self-reflection of its owner. We love how incredibly livable her space is, inside and out. Robyn enjoys the shared tiny home community spaces in Tiny Lots on the Prairie, as well as extra living space on her covered porch. Inside her THOW, she has a spacious living room & kitchen, 2 beds, and a stackable washer/dryer.

Robyn knew she wanted to transition into a tiny home on wheels after her kids left home. She hired a builder to build her dream retirement home with all the things she holds dear, from family heirlooms to whimsical decor. "I didn't want anything in a box, because you keep stuff in a box even though grandma gave it to you, or whatever. I have all those things on display...everything that makes me happy."

But, when it came time to find tiny house parking, Robyn couldn't find anything in Dallas, TX. Through a Meetup group, she toured Tiny Lots on the Prairie. It's located an hour outside the DFW metro area on incorporated land, with 7 lots. All the residents, in the main house and tiny houses, have formed a tight-knit community.

It's the kind of place where neighbors help neighbors. And importantly, no one has to fear an untimely eviction due to a code violation. Robyn has recently been inspired to give more folks the opportunity to enjoy secure tiny house parking. So she created The Bird's Nest tiny house community, opening in February 2020 in Cumby, Texas.

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