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Woman Spends 3 Years Living Off Grid Tiny House.

Dawn built her modern off-grid tiny house in a solar powered work shop in Nova Scotia, Canada.

She loves to cook and spends a lot of time on the floor doing yoga, meditation and sound healing so she designed her tiny house according to her needs with a furniture-less living room and a large galley kitchen giving it a very open concept feel.

The open space in the tiny house has a beautiful energy, especially when Dawn is drumming or playing her monochord. It's obvious that "Harmony House" was the perfect nickname for this luxury musical micro cabin on wheels. To heat the tiny house, Dawn has installed a Danish wood stove made by Morsø and she uses sawdust bricks which are more portable for her than firewood.

Full Moon Tiny Shelters has built some of the best quality and most beautiful tiny houses we've seen so far and we love that they're built in an off-grid workshop, too.

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