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Young Woman Build Beautiful Recycled Tiny House from earthquake damaged homes For US$19,000.


Annelies is a young furniture maker in Christchurch (New Zealand), who has turned her skills towards crafting her own Tiny House on wheels. Many of the materials in her house have been reclaimed from homes damaged in the terrible earthquake of 2011.


The house was constructed on a custom-built, flat-deck trailer which measures roughly 7 x 2.5 meters (23 x 8ft) which gives the home an approximate footprint of 17.5m² (188ft2).  Now situated in the old parking lot of a deconsecrated church, the trailer has truly been transformed into a wonderful home.

Amazingly, this home was built for an incredibly modest budget of only NZ$26,000 (US$19,000), largely thanks to both Annelies’  dedication to building her own home herself and also her resourcefulness in sourcing second-hand materials.


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