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A Stunning 400 sq ft Tiny House that has everything including an indoor swing!

This house is a collection of stories. Stories of cultural and personal history, ecology, and craft. To celebrate this area's incredible legacy of craft, we’ve collaborated with some of the most talented makers in the region.

Staying at the Nook you’ll have an experience unheard of in the modern era, almost everything you touch or interact with was woven, shaped or whittled by hand.

The space

Traditional craft requires a relationship with local materials not just as supplies but as plants, trees, and ecosystems. While Mike loves black walnut for its beauty in woodworking, Jessica wants the husks for dying her sheep’s wool, Chris harvests the immature nuts for a traditional medicinal liqueur, Ashley uses the nuts in baking, and Kristen knows to avoid planting a garden underneath the tree.

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Asheville and 8 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Nook is a perfect artist retreat or romantic getaway. Through the designs made for us by good friends and power couple, Rob and Karie of Shelter Collective, the Nook theme plays out in many ways, but starts with how tightly nestled the house is among the trees.

Enjoy the Full Tour of this Stunning House.

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